For years during my travels to the States, I was fortunate to spend my time in places where I experienced a compelling sense of community.  Years later, I was lucky to call myself a citizen and more importantly to call the North shore of Boston my home.

With the opening of my shop, Pia, I was given the gift of becoming a part of a vibrant community and offering my passion and gratitude to those who made my endeavors possible.

The offerings I make available at my boutique allow me to share the joy in celebration of women, their common strengths, challenges, bliss and their perfect imperfections.

I experience clothing as a means of self-expression without boundaries.  The terms “fashionable” or “un-fashionable” should not be part of our self dialogue.  I believe women should feel the freedom in celebrating that which they have been gifted, be true to themselves and express that joy by clothing themselves in what comforts them and what tells their story.

When a woman appreciates herself and carries herself with pride her clothing becomes alive and is made more beautiful by her conviction.

My mission is for women - mother, wife, lover, adventurer or whomever you dream and aspire to be - to feel welcome to browse, play, become inspired, empowered and celebrate yourself at Pia.

And for the husbands, fathers and lovers there is an adventure for you here as well!

With Gratitude,

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”
-Yves Saint Laurent

“Forget the rules, if you like it wear it”

“I say, dress to please yourself.
Listen to your inner muse and take a chance.
Wear something that says
here I am today”
-Iris Apfel

to be
-Coco Chanel